This site is so fledgling that at this point my only intention is to state the purpose of Skyrim 2020. I am what you would call a “Die hard” Skyrim fan. This is my opus.

My years of experience in the Skyrim community and the Elder Scrolls in general have driven me to the point that I feel the need to give back after accumulating so much knowledge thus far. What better way to learn than to teach right?

Skyrim 2020 is a collection of over 400 mods and utilities to improve your Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) experience. Skyrim 2020 is to Special Edition as “G.E.M.S” was to Oldrim.

Skyrim 2020 is also an apprentice level modder’s guide on HOW to actually mod your SSE game properly in order to achieve maximum performance and stability. What mods you choose to install may be influenced by the 2020 list itself but the guide will simply focus on how to establish a high performance foundation to start your modding desires.

Skyrim 2020 is also a hub of useful links to highly rated modding guides, tips & tricks, mod hosting sites, useful links and more. If you are novice level we got you covered with where to go to start.

Skyrim 2020 is a badge of honor. I’ve poured through thousands upon thousands of mods, I’ve spent countless hours researching. If a mod makes the 2020 list it’s worth checking out. Few mods will have the right to wear the 2020 badge.

And lastly… Skyrim 2020 is a set of mods created by me that enhance skyrim in almost every aspect. I’ve broken my mods down into 3 seperate mods, with two more planned but currently not in the works.

Skyrim 2020 All Dogs Go To Sovengarde (ADGTS) – Has your beloved furbaby gone on to Sovengarde? Well now thanks to the magic of Todd Howard you can play Skyrim with your old pal. Includes cats and SEVERAL dog models all nameable. Many Npc’s now have a “pet” that follows them around now too.

Skyrim 2020 DaerMonster’s Tweaks (DMT) – I saw my load order one day and said to myself “I can do what this mod and this one and this one do if I open up the Creation Kit then I have one mod instead of like ten.”. Well what turned into replicating ten different mods became me replicating the effects of over 120 different mods down into just my one mod. Well DMT does that, but it also adds tons new armor, new enemies, dozens of new locations, new weapons, new easter eggs, and so much more. DMT is also a Huge mix of many fantastic mod authors who’ve allowed me to use thier assets in a lore friendly manner. Many of these amazing mods are included in my mod simply for ease of use and to ensure better performance. I could go on and on about the changes DMT makes there are many, but I won’t, instead I’ll finish by saying that DMT is compatable with hundreds of mods even with all the changes it makes.

Skyrim 2020 Knights of Talos (KOT) – A dramatic world overhaul placing the Thalmor in the limelight. A fanatic cult-like section of the Thalmor calling themselves the Merethic Dawn have sworn their souls to Sithis in order to ensure that all the Towers holding Mundus together are destroyed so that the next Kulpa, a Kulpa without mankind or any mere “mortal” race, might start. The Merethic Dawn knew about the return of Alduin and set into motion all their resources to aid in Alduin’s task… DLC sized quest mod where you fight the Thalmor, but alas DMT is a required download as I use the new worldspaces created in it.

My mods will be released on Jan 1 2020. Which will also coincide with the official launch of