Someone once came to Socrates’ house looking for the famous wise man. Socrates answered the door and said “Hello.”. The man responded saying he was “looking for Socrates…”. Socrates said “So am I.” and closed the door.

Who am I? I am a dreamer that has started waking up. I revere “newness”. Creation is precious to me, but I am still a humble monkey minded being and video games are my vice. To curb my addiction to video games, I have chosen to play one and only one game from here until my passing…


So in order to achieve a game that has a literal “lifetime” of replayability I took up modding. At first I started simply modding my game, then once I had the bassics down I dove in. Bashing a mod here Xeditting a mod there, explaining to my girlfriend that “yes, I know dragonporn has the word porn in it, but it’s not entirely a porn site babe…” Same for Lover’s lab’s advertisments…

Then my best friend died. Bruce. He was with me almost the entire time I was a Marine. He was there for every hardship I ever had. And the most unbelievable part of his and my connection was the semi-telepathic link we shared. I searched everywhere, I’ve been to mod sites from countries I’ve never heard of looking for a mod that allowed me to have a pitbull or boxer dog that I could name… Not a damn thing. Fallout has a boxer dog mod but not skyrim nope nope nope. So I started to open the creation kit and make my own dog follower, easy right?

Making mods for skyrim was unlike any creation engine I had ever used. It was frustrating as hell. Once a mod is released it’s neigh impossible to get people looking in your direction at first, I had a few spats with nexus over donations, it’s not just time consuming it’s life consuming. I’ve spent over a year throwing myself into guide after guide after guide just before I even started modding, now i’ve been working on a couple mods that are going to change how skyrim is played as much as the unofficial patches have. These mods are the product of 3 years of stress and every ounce of free time not dedicated to actual life. I have dealt with thousands of crashes both from the CK and from skyrim herself to give you “The people, of skyrim” a gameplay setup that will last a lifetime and is for the most part “crash free”.

This website is still in developtment as are the mods I am releasing. What you see is the tiniest first morsal of something tasty to come. If for some reason you wish to get ahold of me, you can find me on the skyrim nexus as “daermonster”…. ~namaste